About Us

Howdy! We are Brock and Maddy, a husband and wife team hosting Western Photography Retreats across the US! Brock is the talent behind the camera, the face of Cattleman Photography, and Maddy is the behind-the-scenes organizer.

We have been hosting Workshops since 2022 and hosted our first Workshop Retreat in 2023. We loved the idea of fully immersing ourselves in the Western experience, and that is how the Workshop Retreats began! Retreats are a 3-night 4-day stay filled with Western photoshoots, experiences, and seminars taught by Brock.

Our goal is to bolster the portfolios of those who want to start photographing the Western lifestyle while giving them the technical knowledge they need to achieve images they love.


Brock got started in photography years ago, mostly taking pictures for his then-girlfriend, Maddy! After years of taking pictures, Brock decided he liked photography and wanted to expand his abilities and start taking clients in 2021. After a few months of client work, he realized he didn't have a passion for portraiture and wanted to start Cattleman Photography. A brand that specializes in Western and Livestock photography! A lifestyle he has admired his whole life and wanted to dive into. As he grew in his work he wanted to share his knowledge and put his love of teaching to work. After a year of working on Cattleman Photography solo, he brought his wife, Maddy, onto the team and started Cattleman Photography Workshop Retreats. On Workshop Retreats he could better teach and give others the wonderful experiences he's been able to have while being a Western and Livestock photographer.


Maddy is a woman of many hats at Cattleman Photography but one of the most important roles she plays is the event planner for Workshop Retreats. Maddy worked as a Wedding planner and host at a local wedding venue from 2019-2021, and learned the ins and outs of hosting a major event! Maddy is also a photographer and started her own photography business in 2022. She enjoys photographing alongside her husband, but also finds joy in photographing families of all sizes and backgrounds!